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All for One, final film complete!!!!

Yeahhhhhhhhh!!! Our final project film is complete and available to view on our page:


I have to say that I am so relieved that this is finished as last weekm we were having major technical issues and it was touch and go as to whether we would have it ready or not.

Im really happy with it, some of the content isnt what I wanted to focus on but the film ran its own course and for a small part I had to go with the artistic integrity of our marketing team...lol. The project has shifted at times (as I think most of us have found) but I think thats the beauty of projects such as this.

Very excited to see all of your fantastic work on Wednesday, safe journey and see you there!



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"Buzzing" after LC Equality and Diversity Conference!

I'm still on a massive high after our Equalitydefinition and Diversity Conference yesterday! Learners from secondary schools and Colleges in Leicester attended the event and focused on how they could implement change with regards to Equality and Diversityy in their own schools and Colleges.

After taking part in an interactive warmup activity and quiz, Learners got the oppourtunity to particpate in open dialogue with fellow learners and workshop faciliatators from the fileds of LGBT, BAME, Disabilitydefinition, Faith, and Refugee and Asylum. Learners then made 'Equality and Diversity' pledges. These consisted of poems, statements, affirmations, even raps about how they would promote, believe in and support E and D. 


Some highlights of the day for me were listening to a learners honest and heart felt rap about supporting refugee and asylum seekers and having requests from secondary schools to know more about the project and the work the College has done with regards to E and D.


How great is it that as a College our learners have benefited from the project, but to then have the potential for other young people accross the city to benefit is amazing, were definately giving you your moneys worth NIACEdefinition!!!

Pictures and updates on the project will follow shortly on our webpage




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All for one film well under way!

I have just had sneek peek at the All for One, One for All film and Ive been blown away!!! I cant wait to Showcase it at the first dissemination event! The film is a real first in our area and in relation to Equalitydefinition and Diversity it will have great sustainability  when deilvering training and tutorials within the College....whooooppp!!! (big smiley face)...Julie

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Exciting times ahead....and a sense of relief!!

I'm slowly starting to feel the pressure lift and the project is coming together. Before the easter break we had STRIVE deliver tutorials to learners and staff about forced marriage and honour based violence. The sessions were interactive and informative and learners and staff gave very positive feedback about the awareness it created.

One learner commented, 'I never fully realised what women in some cultures have to go through'. 

Yesterday learners from our Catering department took part in the final leg of their All- For-One journey and visited food suppliers and stores on Leicesters 'Golden Mile'. I'll post pictures and feedback as they come in.

Our short film about the project is well underway. I feel like I have achieved a personal victory by securing funding to have the film subtitled. The film will be highlighted at the dissemination events.

I'm really excitied to see everyone next week at the planning meeting and also looking forward to the dissemination events to see all the great work that has been done!!!


See you all soon!


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Curry chefs pass on tips to Leicester College learners!

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Motivating Sheffield meeting

It was really great to meet fello particapants at the EDIFdefinition project meet in Sheffield last Wednesday. I felt like I made some real connections with people from other projects. Of great interest to me was the project being run at North College by Louise around embeding equality and diversity into teaching and learning, the project being run at Newcastle College by Pitra with regards to ESOLdefinition learners and the project being run with Prospects with Michaela around belief and careers and how belief can have an influence on your career choices.


Ive made a promise to myself to keep up with these projects and share any knowledge and learning. Perhaps we could all do more to reach out to other groups and share good practice and ideas? As Louise said ' What would change for us if we co created new knowledge around equality and diversity'???

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STRIVE visit Leicester College for final tutorials and exhibition

STRIVE will be visiting us today to deliver three tutorials to learners in Hair and Beauty, Computing and Business. The tutorials will hope to raise awareness for learners and staff of the issues around forced marriages and honour based violence. The organisation last visited us in November with their interactive exhibition. They will be visiting us again with the exhibition on Thursday. To view the last exhibition click on the link in the text. For more videos go to our page at


Bye for now...Julie!


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Steering us in the right direction!

A steering group made up of learners and staff here at Leicester College met on Monday to discuss the 'All-for-One One-for All' project. We showed learners arounf the eqaulities toolkit website and the Leicester Collge website, which they thought was really good. Learners gave us ideas about how we could liven up the page and thought that we should perhaps add more images. Learners also had a say about which events they thought needed filming for our project film.

Coming soon we have a visi to Chef and Spice for learners in our catering department and 'STRIVE' are coming into the College with an interactive exhibition on forced marriages and to deliver tutorials.

Go to our page www.equalitiestoolkit.com/content/all-one for updates on events we have alreday done and keep an eye out for information about the Chef and Spice and 'STRIVE' exhibition.

Ohhhh and I managed to get our interim report done on Monday ....phewwww!!!! Come on guys its not that scary!!!

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Their off!

Learners from the Hospitality and Catering Department are off to visit the St Philips centre today to take part in the second round of the 'All for One and One for All', tutorials. Learners will be visiting the centre to participate in the interactive session, meet faith chaplains and discuss issues and myths regarding faith.

On Monday we hold our steering group meeting, where (hopefully) learners will help make descions about key aspects of the project. The main focus being on the creation of a short film that will catalogue the project and the progress we have made. 


Links to our webpage will be added shortly so you can view images of todays events!!!

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Catering learners enjoy multi faith tutorial!

Learners from the catering department, who had participated in the visit to a local Gurdwara a week ago, took part in a multi faith tutorial run by Riaz Ravat from the St Philips centre. Learners had the opportunity to meet faith chaplains from the Muslim, Sikh and Hindu community and take part in open and honest dialogue about faith. Riaz Ravat hailed the session a great success with many learners feeling able to discuss any myths or misconceptions they had about particular faiths and beliefs.

Exciting times ahead, with the next round of tutorials, a steering group meeting and a fantastic trip to a local restaurant for our catering learners!  For more information and images of our events as they unfold please visit our page http://www.equalitiestoolkit.com/content/all-one . Alternatively if you would like more information about the ‘All for One, One for All’ project feel free to email me at [email protected] . Bye for now...Julie