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Feedback from our Learners

Start Living (a Mindful Life): End of course feedback from learners (2014)

“Thoroughly enjoyed the course. Very informative and helpful.”

“The course taught me how to use mindfulness when my mind wanted to punish me for things that happened years ago”

“Fantastic course. I have gained confidence and have come off my medication for anxiety”

“Valuable tools I will have forever. Thank you so much.”

“Nice and friendly atmosphere”

“Thank you for so much positivity and calm. What a fab course!” 

“Excellent course – thanks.”

“Made me want to change”

“Since starting mindfulness I have not been to the doctors!” 

“It is so nice to be able to go out of my front door without worrying about what might happen”

“I found having teachers who have been through issues themselves made the course more meaningful.”

“An alternative way of thinking and helping to cope with thoughts and anxiety”

“After this course I am looking forward to doing more.”

“Made me feel more at peace with myself”

“Well done guys keep up the excellent work in helping others.”

“Very well presented and run as it is on a very easy to deal with level.”

“Knowing it works makes you keep at it.”

“Good to know I am not alone or unusual.”

“Opened my eyes to controlling my mind rather than it controlling me!”

“Found Mark an excellent tutor and really enjoyed sharing ideas.”

“Given me the courage to volunteer and go back into the world.”

“Now recommending mindfulness to other people with depression.”

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Mindfulness for Recovery - The Project Impact summary figures

Start Living (a Mindful Life)Feedback data analysis.  

This analysis relates to exit feedback questionnaires from learners attending mindfulness courses between January and July 2014.  


Percentage of students who declared that they had -


Some benefit from the course                                100%


Significant benefit from the course                          83%


Profound benefit from the course                            22%


More positive in outlook                                             94%


Less anxious, depressed, stressed                       89%


Gained in confidence                                                 87%


Ready to take on new challenges                           84%


Family and friends noticing improvement              71%


Improved coping mechanisms                                93%


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In the news - twice!

Our project has made a couple of appearances in the local press now :)

Escape your life's stresses 

Community Pride nomination

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Mindfulness Support Group

Our Mindful support group is really taking off.   This week was our 4th meeting and each time it grows.   This time we had 16 people attending.

The learners come from different classes and just seem so ready to gel straight away.

I had planned some topics to discuss but found that really I wasn't very much needed.   Everyone just got on with it.

The learner-led spirit seems to be working without us having to push it.   The was some really good sharing, support and positive thinking.  One learner led a standing meditation.

We have three learners who are prepared to get involved in organising and leading, supporting each other.   Great for confidence buidling too.    Also all sorts of ideas about group focus events - crafts, arts, sports, choir, walking.

Feel really positive that the group will become self sustaining as we had only dared to hope.  Fab :)